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you build your business. we’ll handle your books.

We take the weight off your shoulders by handling your bookkeeping needs monthly. You get monthly updates to show you how your business is doing with highlights of what really matters, where your money is going, and how to increase profits.

monthly bookkeeping

Have you been managing your books and just want them off your plate? Or have you avoided looking at them for months and need some help getting caught up? Whatever your situation is, I will create a plan that gives you books that are accurate, up-to-date, and organized. I manage data entry, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, and more to ensure that you can focus on your business instead of being bogged down by your books.

set up & training

Looking to DIY your books? I’ll advise on the best system for your business, get your system set up, and train you to manage your books on a monthly basis.


You want to make informed decisions for your business, and you need accurate data to do so. I’ll create a straightforward budget based on your goals and past finances. We’ll review this budget monthly, and you’ll get reports that are easy to understand and give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

how do i get started?



Fill out a short questionnaire about your current business finances. During your discovery call, we’ll review your specific needs whether it’s catching up your books, getting set up, or monthly bookkeeping.



When we make it official, I’ll get you set up in Quickbooks (ask how you can get special Quickbooks pricing) and get to work. You can now focus on everything else you want to get done!



Every month, you can rest assured that your accounts have been reconciled. You’ll receive simple reports so you can know exactly how your business is doing. Meanwhile, if you have questions about your books, I’m here to answer your questions.

What’s it like to work with me?

Here are answers to the common questions on what it’s like to work with me on your books.

What is the benefit of bookkeeping?


It allows you to focus on the parts of your business that bring you money, build a business that you love, and truly lets you be the visionary instead of being lost in the weeds of Stripe fees and bank transfers.

We’ll make sure you’re up to date on your numbers and give you insights as to how your business is doing.

You will be empowered to grow your business and scale areas that are most profitable.

Is my business too small for bookkeeping?

No! If you’re serious about your business, you’ll take the numbers seriously.

Tracking your sales, costs, and profits is how you make smart business decisions and reach your goals.

You may be small today, but with a clear understanding of your numbers and time to focus on growth, your business will continue to grow.

My books need to be cleaned up. Is that a problem?

Not a problem. Most small business owners need some degree of clean up when working with a bookkeeper for the first time.

Part of our on-boarding process is to get you set up with clean books from either the first day of business or the first day of the current year, whichever you prefer.

This is a new client incentive and is discounted.

We understand this is part of the process and are here to help.

Do I need bookkeeping software?

You don’t need to have it already. If you do, we will usually work with it to avoid too many changes.

Sometimes it’s easier to start with a clean slate, so don’t worry if you don’t have it yet. We’ll help guide you to the best fit for your needs and help you get set up.

Our preferred softwares are Xero and QuickBooks Online depending on your unique business.

What information to I need to provide so you can handle the books?

We request online access to banks, credit cards, PayPal, and your invoicing system (if separate) – Stripe, Square, etc.

Almost all of these allow a read-only accountant log in and we will help you figure out how to set one up so your data is secure.

This allows us to work efficiently and avoid bothering you for data requests or more information that can be found within these banks/platforms.

What can I expect from the monthly bookkeeping process?

Once your books have been set up, we maintain them monthly.

After the month ends, your bookkeeper will pull your reports and categorize your transactions.

You will receive one e-mail of questions/clarifications where needed and once those questions are answered you’ll receive your report with highlights of what the numbers are telling you.

How much does monthly bookkeeping cost?

Our base monthly packages start at $247 a month and vary based on your complexities and needs.

When we work together to implement good systems that allow us to deliver high quality, accurate data, most of our clients fall into this minimum.

If you need your books caught up, there will be a one-time set up fee.

You are billed on a monthly auto-pay subscription through our processor.

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DIY bookkeeping starter kit

Check out the DIY bookkeeping start kit. It’s perfect if you need something to keep your records in order. Your accountant will thank you!


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